Handbag Authentication

We can provide detailed authentication reports about all brands of handbags that will show photos and go into detail about why the bag is either real or fake! If you’re just looking for the answer to the question ‘Is my handbag real?’ we'll put in the same level of research into our investigation and provide you with a simple yes or no response. 

If you’re looking to buy a handbag from a 3rd party seller and you’re not sure it is real, send us the web link and we can authenticate it for you. If you have the Handbag you can either send us photos, or call into one of our stores with the to have it authenticated.

We offer three services to authenticate bags with more details further down the page on each service:

Evaluation: From £49.95 (authentic / inauthentic answer)

Full Report: From £79.95


We will provide a Authentic or Unauthentic response via email.

Bag Price
All Bags £49.95
Chanel/Celine/Dior £79.95

Full Report

We will provide a written statement stating the reasons why we believe the item is Authentic or Not Authentic, our photographs of the item will be included in the report to justify this and we will provide the age of the item where applicable.

Bag Price
Hermes £149.95

First Purchase: Receive £20 off orders over £250 using WELCOME20 or £50 off purchases over £1000 using WELCOME50