Colour Change and Customisations

Bored of the colour of your bag?

Whether you fancy a change or you always wanted a certain colour way but the brand didn't release it, our artisans are experts in undertaking colour changes that preserve the luxurious nature of the leather.

Let your imagination run wild.

Problems We Can Solve

Entire Colour Changes

Looking to refresh your closet?

Immerse yourself in the growing circularity of fashion and transform your existing bags by colour changing them, rather than buying your desired colour new. Our artisans proudly undertake colour changes that preserve the luxurious leather of your favourite bag.

Prices Start From £225

Partial Colour Changes

Colour changes can be localised to smaller areas of your bag.

Whether you want to tease your personality by changing the colour of a strap, handle or base then our team can undertake a partial colour change to transform the aesthetic of your bag.

Prices Start From £190


Looking to own a style that no one else in the world has?

Our artisans host years of experience within the creative field of fashion and can undertake a bespoke customisation that could include colour changing a panel, adding a design or encrusting your bag with embellishments. 

Prices Start From POA


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