Handbag Restoration

When your bag has seen better days, it's time for restoration! From badly worn and cracked leathers to loss of shape, fading and extensive stains. We expertly restore all items using tried and tested techniques.

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Handbag Restoration: How we can restore your handbag

Faded Leather

With day to day use the leather on your handbag can start to lose its colour. Some leather is dyed, which will fade in sunlight and some leather is painted which will wear off with use. 

When this happens we use a machine called a spectrophotometer to take an accurate reading of the colour of your leather, we then produce this colour on our colour computer and use it to restore the colour to the faded leather.

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Scuffs & Scratches

Some leather, such as calf and saddle leather will mark very easily resulting in lots of scuffs and scratches on your bag. Soft leathers such as lambskin can also scuff very easily, especially around the base and corners on the bag. 

We restore this type of damage by using liquid fillers to soak in and strengthen the leather. This makes the leather nice and smooth again and at this stage we restore the colour to blend it in with the rest of the bag.

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Badly Worn Leather

It doesn't matter how badly worn the leather is, how large your rip is or how rough the leather feels, if you've got a problem like this on your bag, chances are we've seen it before, and fixed it! 

We've restored a Chanel handbag that was caught in a house fire, a Mulberry bag lost and found one year later in a field and a Hermes Kelly that was accidentally sprayed with an insect treatment that started to melt the finish on the leather.

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Heavy Staining

Pen marks or the odd stain can be fixed under our cleaning & repair services. Unfortunately though, sometimes the staining is worse than this and can cover the entire bag or a large portion of it. 

We've restored bags where drinks have been spilt inside soaking through to the leather, cooking oil stains splattered down the front of the bag, a bag covered in pen from an artistic child and many other types of staining that has covered the bag. 

When we restore this type of staining, we firstly remove the stain, treat the leather and then restore the colour. We then protect the leather to help prevent future staining!

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Loss of structure

Some bags are designed to stand up on their own but with use the leather starts to soften and the internal makings of the bag weaken. This causes the bag to lose its shape and fall over. 

We fix this by opening up the bag and re-making the internal parts that provide strength and structure to the bag. If the bag needs additional support, we'll use our expertise to custom make a suitable part for the bag.

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Exotic Leathers

When it comes to restoring exotic leathers such as crocodile, ostrich or snake we need to take a different approach to restoration as the leather is typically more delicate and detailed. 

We have a dedicated exotic restoration team at our HQ that have restored some of the World's most expensive and rare handbags. We see many modern exotic bags from designers like Hermes and Nancy Gonzalez and we're the go to restorers for the Harrods Exotic Handbag Department. It's not just modern bags though, we've restored many crocodile bags brought back from Africa from our customers parents or grandparents from the early 20th Century. Check out our Exotic Gallery.

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We are the longest established and leading handbag repairers in the UK working not only for consumers but for many of the worlds leading department stores and fashion designers;

Convenient and Safe : We offer free delivery direct to our Clinic or can collect your bag(s) from you if you would prefer. You can also speak directly with a member of the team in one of our stores. Items sent with our courier are all sent on a recorded next day service and are fully insured. 

Stores: Want a more personal service? We have stores in Chelsea, Leeds and Newcastle. Our dedicated team of specialist can take you through your restoration in detail and answer all of our questions in one of our stylish boutiques. 

Worldwide Name: We also have stores in Monaco, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Trusted by Brands: We are recommended and used by a number of the brands, we have carried out work for Dior, Gucci, Chanel, Aspinal of London, Nancy Gonzalez Asprey, Christies Auction House and many more. 

“If your leather goods require a new restoration look, do not look further but contact Handbag Clinic. Professional, honest and they strive to achieve outstanding results.” - Concession Manager, Chanel Selfridges  

Tried & Tested: Our skilled Artisans repair over 700 handbags every month in our family ran Clinic and and since launching have repaired over £30 million of bags.


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