Authentic Pre-Owned Loewe Bags

From slightly used, second hand and Vintage bags through to brand new handbags with the labels still on. Browse our collection of authentic pre-owned Loewe bags below; all at a great discount!

Authentic Pre-Owned Loewe Handbags & Purses

We have sourced a range of pre-owned Loewe Handbags from our customers throughout the UK. Each Loewe bag is carefully selected through our two step authentication process before being cleaned, priced and put for sale online and in our stores.

We source our Loewe Handbags direct from our customers. These can be items of Loewe that have never even been worn and removed from the original box, or a vintage Loewe bag that our customer no longer requires. Because we clean and/or restore each bag that goes on sale you can guarantee that all our Loewe Handbags are in great condition.

Loewe - About the Brand  

Loewe is one of Spain’s oldest luxe fashion houses, originating in Madrid, 1846. Originally, the brand specialised in crafting leather handbags for Spanish Royalty, but in recent years Loewe continues to be navigated by British Designer Jonathan Anderson and now adorns the wardrobes of the world’s finest creative minds.

Since 2013, under Anderson, Loewe has captured the millennial zeitgeist that stylists crave by creating conceptual unisex collections that are an essential for all fashionistas, including the Loewe Puzzle Bag. the Loewe Hammock Bag and the Loewe Basket Bag.

Popular Loewe Bags  

  • Loewe Basket Bag - First introduced in 2015, the Loewe Basket Bag is continually tweaked to cater to minimalist preferences.
  • Loewe Hammock Bag - The Loewe Hammock bag is an innovative design that was launched in 2016.
  • Loewe Puzzle Bag - Launched in 2014 as part of Loewe’s Mens collection, it has since become a staple of Loewe Women’s.
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