A broken zip is one of the most common issues we see with Handbags. However the zip doesn't always need to be replaced! We actually repair more zips than we replace saving you money!

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Zip Repairs: How we repair or replace broken zips

About Zips

1. Zip Thread
2. Zip Teeth
3. Zip Head (Or slider)
4. Zip Pull - this is typically either metal (as pictured) or leather 

As a rule of thumb, if the zip just stops working and you can't tell why then it can be repaired 99% of the time. 

However, if the Zip Thread is torn or split, or the Zip Teeth are damaged or missing then the entire zip will need to be replaced.

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Zip Repair

Sometimes there might just be some loose stitching or other small issue effecting how the zip works. This can be simply repaired retaining all original parts of the zip. 

If the Zip Head (slider) is the cause of the problem then we will unpick the end of the zip and remove the zip stop. This allows us to take the Zip Head (slider) off the zip and either repair it or replace it. 

Whenever we do this, we'll re-use any Zip Pulls and branded parts.

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New Zip Pull

It can be quite common for the metal or leather Zip Pull to snap making it almost impossible to open and close the zip! 

If its metal we can replace it with a new one from our stock, or if it is leather we can make a new leather zip pull to match the old one exactly. 

If the piece of metal on the Zip Head that attaches the Zip Pull has also snapped then we'd need to replace the Zip Head.

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Zip Replacement

Whenever the Zip Thread or Zip Teeth are damaged the zip needs to be replaced. These problems cannot be successfully repaired so it is always best to put a new zip on. 

To do this we unpick the stitching on the old zip and have a new zip manufactured to match the original. We can match the zip size, thread colour and even the colour of the zip head and teeth. 

The new zip is then hand stitched into place ensuring we use all the original holes from where the original zip was removed.

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